KT Doyle

Artist • Designer • Maker • Storyteller


KT Doyle is the founder of JEANBAG, a young Australian brand built on transforming your old blue jeans into beautiful products for your home.

She is also an artist, designer and maker.

Her beautifully considered work always starts with a story and the medium in which that story is told often changes. This way of working has allowed her to create across a range of mediums, including limited-edition prints and embroideries, installations and public artworks.

Her ability to tell compelling stories through patterns and colour has also secured her commissions in surface design in Australia and internationally.

Passionate about the environment, she expertly works sustainable resources and recycled materials into artwork and products designed to be loved and stand the test of time.

KT is based in Brisbane, Australia, where she now spends most of her time creating beautiful and useful homewares from old blue jeans that have been loved and discarded, but are by no means at the end of their wonderful life.